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Book Review

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Jan. 2nd, 2007 | 08:22 pm
posted by: morgian_le_faye in isbn_045

Title: The Prestige
Author: Christopher Priest
Genre: Fiction
Summary: The grandchildren of two rival magicians attempt to find out why there is a huge rift between their families.
Thoughts/Review: I have to say, I enjoyed the movie better. The book was good in it's own right, but the movie was much "neater". I was unhappy with the way Priest handled Angier and I felt like Borden was not explained quite well. I found my suspension of disbelief was strained much more while reading the book much more than it was in the movie. The writing style was all right, but if you are not familiar with British terms, watch out. It took me three pages to remember that torch means flashlight! This is a book where you will want to flip back between the different characters' stories, or even take notes. Don't read it at night or other times when you are not fully concentrating as you will miss something.
I found the subject matter very interesting, but as I said before, I was not quite happy with the writing style.

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