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May. 15th, 2007 | 07:22 pm
posted by: morgian_le_faye in isbn_045

Title: Wit
Author: Margaret Edson
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Rating: A
Summary: Dr. Vivian Bearing, professor of English, is dying of cancer. As with the poetry she studies and teaches, she approaches her illness with an analytical mind. As the cancer takes over her body, the reader sees her change from being completely in control of herself to becoming a real person. Through the entire play, she experiences flashbacks, mainly of her teaching Donne's Holy Sonnets.
Thoughts: This is a very short play, 85 pages and approximately an hour to read. We read in for AP Literature last year, and I brought it down for school for procrastination purposes. Probably the most difficult part of the play are the Holy Sonnets. However, if you read up on those and analyze the two or three Viviane, it is quite rewarding. It gives some insight on Viviane herself.

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