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A Clock Without Hands by Guy Burt

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Jul. 6th, 2006 | 10:45 pm
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posted by: pytmm in isbn_045

: A Clock Without Hands
Author: Guy Burt
Genre: Fiction
I-Rate: A-
Thoughts and Summary:  I've now read 3 different Guy Burt novels and loved them all.  They all leave you thinking about what you just read and don't spell everything out for you clearly allowing you to form your own ideas about what really happened.  A Clock Without Hands is a bit of a longer read than the previous two books The Hole and Sophie (which could be managed in a couple of hours.)  But it is definitely worth the time and attention.  The novel is basically about a man trying to make sense of his relationship with his two childhood friends and everything that happened between them in the past years.  The story jumps around in time and there are some moments that the reader can make sense of before the characters actually do.  But there are still some hidden little tid bits left until the end.  The relationship of the three friends is largely influenced by the one summer that they spent taking care of an injured man in an abandoned church (I am not going to give away any more than the book jacket does, I promise.)  But it's very intense, that summer, and other situations between these people that occur as they get older.  As a whole, you could consider this story quite tragic, it's not a happy, lighthearted kinda thing (none of Guy Burt's novels are) but at the same time, you do get a few fantastically innocent moments that are amusing and will probably make you smile.  

In any case, I strongly recommend this book along with the others written by Guy Burt.  They are part phsychologial thriller, part mystery, part drama and are quite exciting to read.

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from: nomadbeth
date: Jul. 7th, 2006 04:20 am (UTC)

And this is why I joined this group. Thanks for the rec. Hopefully I'll finish what I'm reading now to provide something too!

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